The winners are in!

Practitioner Awards 2020

The winners are in! Aimhigher London recognises the work of practitioners going above and beyond to achieve outstanding outreach!

We’re celebrating virtually the achievement, and endeavour of staff within schools, colleges, universities and Local Authorities who go that extra mile in the spirit of widening participation at our Third Annual Aimhigher Practitioner Awards.

The Awards recognise and celebrate individuals who use their Coordinator role:
  • to make a positive difference within their institution
  • to represent their institutions formidably and can act as ambassadors for the aims and ethos of Aimhigher London

We have awarded an Outstanding Contribution Award this year.


This Award recognises individuals whose actions go above and beyond in the service of including/supporting young people to access the support available to them

Emily has been a key contributor for the last 10 years to the work and the development of Aimhigher London’s Looked After Children network.  Emily continued to act as advocate for the needs of young people (care leavers, young adult carers, estranged students, and forced migrants) and champion for the necessary institutional changes in her most recent role as Access and Inclusion Manager for KU Cares.

Sadly Emily passed away after a long battle with cancer in April.  Emily was instrumental in collaborating on targeted outreach activity and a number of initiatives through Aimhigher London’s Looked After Children network since 2009.

Our Director, Suzanne Marchment remembers a much-loved colleague:

My first memory of Emily was 11 years ago when she joined Kingston University as Events Officer and I had just joined Aimhigher London.  When we worked together on our first targeted collaboration programme ‘Into HE’ programme in 2009, Emily was keen to send me the feedback she had received from young people in response to the programme, one of which excitedly asked for further visits and said simply, ‘loved it, more please’.  We had both put a lot of thought and work into developing a collaborative programme. Emily took time to copy and send me all the feedback with a covering note, ‘to keep and read for a rainy day.’  That typified Emily’s thoughtfulness and spirit of collaboration.  There are many other examples I could share but that was my first memory. I know Emily’s drive, commitment and compassion (and her ability to find solutions where barriers exist) extended through her subsequent roles, as she progressed through Kingston University to champion the needs of care leavers, young adult carers, estranged students and forced migrants.  She will be much-missed by everyone lucky enough to have work with her.

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