Learner Progression Programme (LPP)

The Aimhigher London Learner Progression Programme (LPP) supports young people to make informed decisions about their futures.  

We co-ordinate activities that are impartial and delivered collaboratively by our Higher Education, Further Education and employer partners across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. In particular, we ensure young people from underrepresented groups* are more aware of higher-level learning, understand how to get there and are supported to progress appropriately. Currently, our programme is delivered online. To find out more contact Lucia Byrne, Learner Progression Programme Manager at lucia.byrne@kingston.ac.uk.

Who does it benefit?

The Learner Progression Programme is targeted at young people who come from groups that are under-represented in higher education and have the potential to succeed in higher level learningThis includes those who are: 

  • First generation in their family to access Higher Education
  • In the care of the Local Authority (LAC)
  • Pupil Premium
  • Live in areas of low participation according to POLAR Q1 and 2 data
  • Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT)
  • Have a Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND)
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)
  • White working class male
  • Young Carers

What does it look like?

The LPP has been developed by our partners for our partners and contributes to whole school priorities such as higher-level learning and character building; preparations for next steps and future success and broadening horizons. The programme meets all Gatsby Benchmarks particularly Benchmark 7: Encounters with Further and Higher Education.

Through participation in the LPP learners can:

  • Get a taste of university life through student ambassador led sessions such as the University Life Game
  • Develop higher level learning and character building skills such as oracy, resilience and motivation
  • Experience university style learning through subject specific lectures/seminars enabling learners to develop their interests and talents
  • Gain practical application support for university and higher-level skills (eg UCAS, Personal Statements, CVs, interview skills)
  • Understand the employability skills required to work in different industries via our weekly online sector panels delivered by employers, universities and training providers


“I am so glad I had the opportunity to listen to the advice that everyone had. After hearing the discussion I have decided to not be so closed to other opportunities.” Year 12 Learner

The events organised by Aimhigher London have been great, bringing together University engineers like myself and engineers from industry, with panellists at different points in their careers and with a variety of experiences to provide information to assist young people making decisions about their future.  I hope the diversity of the panel itself, and the questions we answered, provided ideas and information that encouraged those who attended to think about choosing a university course, and a career, in engineering.
Dr Elaine Brown, University of Bradford

Developing Resources

In this past year, we have partnered with some of our universities to support the improvement of digital oracy and communication for learners in schools. Where so much now happens online, how do we ensure our young people are equipped with the right skills to cope in this new virtual learning age?

To support learners we developed Confident Communicators, a series of short recordings with simple weekly tasks to help learners develop skills and understanding to improve their communication online. See our toolkit below, developed to be delivered each week in tutor time:

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