Our response to COVID-19

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic, many of our partners have moved to remote working, which includes online lessons and video calling to stay in touch. Whilst continuing to deliver collaborative activity as and where we are able, is of utmost importance, safeguarding is and always will be, our priority.

We feel that is it vitally important that learners continue to have positive learning opportunities and where possible continue their involvement in Aimhigher activity.  As a result, the team are taking time out to work out how to look at the options with a view to making any new ways of working both engaging and constructive.

AHL programme activity has not been available in the home setting before,  and whilst we are in support of online learning, we do need to ensure that we have given this some clear thought before we start working in this way.

AHL are currently working hard during this period, to identify different ways for our partners and learners to continue to access programme activity.  This will include a risk assessment and guidelines for staff parents and pupils. We just ask that you bear with us while we do this ground work.  In the meantime, please do contact us to  join in the conversation as to how best to take partnership activity forward.