Our community of practitioners

Aimhigher London works with an identified Aimhigher co-ordinator in every partner school, college and university. In addition we work together with SENCOs, PPG co-ordinators, Heads of year, careers advisers, Virtual Heads, student and disability support. All our projects are developed through an iterative process with our partners.

Aimhigher London provides the opportunity for staff from across the education community to develop their own understanding of current progression issues and to work collaboratively to support  the progression  of all  learners and their key supporting adults.

Our aims of working with staff:

  • To provide staff with tools and resources to share with colleagues in their own institutions and networks;
  • To develop a better understanding of cross sector issues in order to better support learners progressing through compulsory education and beyond;
  • To provide a space to promote and share the good practice they are developing
  • To be recognised for the work they do

What we offer:

Bridging the space between the sectors

What people say