Preparing to Progress – Transition Support for SEND

SEND Learner Transitions Conference Annual Conference 2019 Preparing to Progress – Transition Support for SEND 52 delegates attended the Conference event on Friday 29th March at Kingston University, Kingston Hill from 10-4:00pm. Participants comprised of school and college learners, parents and carers and staff members from schools, colleges and universities interested in supporting the transition

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Achieve the Quality in Careers Standard

Achieve the Quality in Careers Standard in partnership with Aimhigher London and CSW Investors in Careers         ‘We strongly recommend that all schools work towards the updated Quality in Careers Standard, incorporating Compass, to support the development of their careers programme.’   Careers guidance and access for education and training providers, Statutory Guidance

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Multi-agency working, aspiration or reality?

‘Greater Collaboration’: Multi-agency working, aspiration or reality?   SEND CPD Annual Conference 2019   60 delegates attended the CPD event on Wednesday 6th February at St Mary’s University, 10-4.00 pm Participants comprised of school, college and university sector providers, NHS practitioners and representatives from local authorities. Aim: To provide practitioners with a platform for collaborative discussions around the

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