NCOP Hogsmill Treatment Works Visit

Thames Water hosted a visit for NCOP learners studying geography from three schools (Meridian High School, Greenshaw High School and Carshalton Boys Sports College) at Hogsmill Sewage Treatment Works in Kingston on the 29th April.

Starting with an introduction to Thames Water, Paul Hampton, who heads up the Education Team, impressed us with a range of facts and figures such as that they provide fresh water and process the sewage of 15 million people who live in the Thames area. Donning hard hats, high viz jackets and gloves, we were then taken on a tour of the site which illustrated the life cycle of sewage, leading to clean water being fed back into the Thames through the Hogsmill River.

‘This has been really interesting. I hadn’t realised that there were so many careers you could have if you study Geography!

– Carshalton Boys Sports College student.

After lunch Stuart Downward, course director for Kingston University’s environmental programmes, talked to the learners about how the skills one learns studying geography are relevant to many different areas (climate change, urban design, international development) and Paul showed us the career paths of several of Thames Water’s employees, from university through to the jobs they now hold. The day finished with a hands on exercise which involved planning the water supply of a small town.

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