Multi-agency working, aspiration or reality?

‘Greater Collaboration’: Multi-agency working, aspiration or reality?  

SEND CPD Annual Conference 2019  

60 delegates attended the CPD event on Wednesday 6th February at St Mary’s University, 10-4.00 pm

Participants comprised of school, college and university sector providers, NHS practitioners and representatives from local authorities.

Aim: To provide practitioners with a platform for collaborative discussions around the key issues facing learners with SEND and the adults who support them around transition.

The conference was an opportunity for delegates to:

  • Hear from education and health sector practitioners involved in multi-agency working
  • Identify and address areas of need around transition
  • Look at what works?  Share examples of effective practice
  • Develop their own local collaborations and identify ways of working together to support student transition
  • Share the experiences of students at points of transition
  • Connect with practitioners from different sectors
  • Find out about development opportunities through the DWG

Please click below to download the presentation slides:

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