Aimhigher London is entirely sustained through the commitment and contributions of our partner organisations:

  • Our HE providers (including HE in FE)
    work together to develop and deliver a programme of  collaborative outreach events to learners within schools and colleges  (in areas where few people progress to HE).
  • Our schools and colleges
    nominate a member of staff to identify learners who can benefit most from outreach opportunities and co-ordinate activity . Co-ordinators also support the development of the programme by participating in practitioner events and supplying pupil data.
  • The Aimhigher team
    undertake evaluation of the programme, co-ordinate the programme of activities and  provide the link between the educational sectors.

Steering group

Aimhigher London has a steering group of consultative representatives from our existing partners which:

  • Strategically steers the current and future direction for Aimhigher London  to the benefit of all partners;
  • Ensures the organisation stays true to its vision and values and;
  • Maximises opportunities for developing the partnership on a regional and national level

The steering group meets termly.