‘Secondary schools should offer every young person at least seven encounters with employers during their education, with at least one encounter taking place each year from years 7-13’

Careers Strategy: Making the most of everyone’s skills and talents, December 2017

Aimhigher London whole-heartedly supports the government’s careers strategy to improve young peoples’ knowledge of the world of work regardless of background.  We work with:

  • Higher Education Institutions to improve young people’s higher level skills to progress to higher level employment opportunities;
  • Further Education Colleges to ensure young people are aware of the different routes into employment (eg via apprenticeships, HE in FE, vocational routes);
  • Employers themselves to ensure young people and their parents are familiar with up to -date Labour Market Information (LMI), what jobs will be in demand in the future and the skills required to do them

We are developing our approach to ensure by 2020 across our programme we include employability:

  1. in everything we do;
  2. in every collaborative conference for learners  from KS3 to post 16;
  3. in our collaborative work with parents;
  4. within our programme of support for staff;

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Through our programmes employers:

  • deliver workshops, motivational sessions that raise aspiration and raise awareness of the world of work;
  • develop learners’ employability skills (resilience, independent thinking, interview skills, communication skills) to be successful in the work place;
  • provide the opportunity for learners to experience the world of work (through visits to the work place, working with mentors, etc);
  • contribute to parents/carers interventions to raise awareness of the need for higher level skills in the workplace;
  • contribute to staff CPD to raise awareness of apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, graduate programmes and provide resources that attendees can share with colleagues in their own institutions

If you are interested in supporting the Aimhigher London employability agenda we would love to hear from you.
Contact Catherine Fenwick on c.fenwick@kingston.ac.uk tel: 020 8417 7564