Children Looked After (CLA)

In 2017, 12 % of care leavers had entered higher education by the age of 23 compared with 42% of the population (Harrison, 2017)

Aimhigher London’s LAC network has been developing and delivering programmes since 2008.  At that time 38% of students attending the programme went on to study at University, 80% of those learners went onto study at one of the 3 participating Universities as part of the ‘Into HE’ programme.

Aimhigher London offers online Coaching opportunities to young people who are care experienced and matched with an undergraduate to explore the opportunities that a university education presents.

In providing a continuous and consistent experience of a series of distinct but linked experiences of University with familiar staff and undergraduates (Student Ambassadors) young people are able to test out their assumptions around careers, qualifications and HE.

The network delivers targeted core programmes for KS4 to Post 16 learners, in addition to a range of extension activities developed through the network on an ad-hoc basis in addition to CPD opportunities for staff.

“I’m glad I came to all of them because I’ve learnt something different in each one”
Yr 9 Learner, Into HE, Merton

“They are more motivated because they have a higher expectation of themselves and so do we”
KS4 Curriculum Manager, Croydon

“I would’ve liked to have had the opportunity to go on a programme like this when I was at school – I wouldn’t have made some of the choices I have made”
Yr 2 Undergraduate, Kingston University


Map of Me Virtual Coaching programme for learners in Year 10

January – July 2021

  • Identify skills, interests and aspirations
  • Articulate aspirations for the future and how
  • Understand the skills, pathways (and qualifications) needed for different careers
  • Increase confidence
  • Improve creative problem solving and decision making

This programme is available to members-only. For further information, contact Justine Marcham (


Care Leaver Support at University: What it looks like and how to access it

Wednesday 19th May 2021 – 11-1pm

  • Find out about the support available to care leavers transitioning into Higher Education, on course and how to access it
  • Benchmarking support for care leavers at university: Update on the new NNECL Quality Mark Framework
  • ‘Need to knows’ to prepare for transition
  • Understand the changes to generic and specific support and ‘student life’ in light of the impact of Covid-19
  • Hear from students about their transitions to higher education

For further details about CLA programmes contact: Justine Marcham