Aimhigher Practitioner Awards 2019

‘I was an Aimhigher learner, I never thought I would go to university and look at me now!’

Tara Murphy, Schools and Colleges Engagement Officer along with colleagues Rachel Leighton, Head of UK Recruitment helped scoop the University of Roehampton Institution of the Year at the recent Aimhigher Practitioner Awards.

The Awards hosted by Goldsmiths (2018 Institution of the Year) were a fabulous celebration of Practitioners’ commitment to the work of Aimhigher London. Colleagues from schools, Virtual Schools, HEIs, Local Authorities gathered to celebrate the achievements of the past year.  This year’s winners were presented with their Awards by last year’s winners who shared what the Awards had meant to them. Lorna Ellis from Carshalton Boys Sports College commented:

‘Winning the Aimhigher champion last year was significant both personally and professionally.  Personally it was a real highlight and still gives me a spring in my step when I think about it . Professionally the school has gone from strength to strength. Alongside this award we also won School of the Year and  this has enabled us to move our programme up another level. The awards have given us more leverage with  the senior leader team and more support from governors. This year we have engaged in over 70 activities with universities both as part of Aimhigher, NCOP and the Debate Higher project alongside bespoke activities and other projects. This large number of activities  has also helped us towards our Gatsby benchmarks; something senior  leadership, governors and Oftsed are keen to work on. But also , and arguably more important, it means hundreds of our students have been given opportunities to think about their futures and help them with their decision making at 14 , 16 and 18. Not just to go to university but about all the choices they have.’

Lorna Ellis


Click here to find out more about the other winners of the Aimhigher Practitioner Awards 2019 and the date for next year’s Ceremony! 

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